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May 25, 2007

Holy Flying Barracudas, Batman!

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It’s true. My older sis Barracuda is flying into Chicago tonight! Tomorrow we are going to hit the pool and swim in a lane with no wall (see earlier post). She’s working on her “picking apples and dropping them in the basket” side stroke and I’m still trying to breathe on both sides for my front stroke. Some days I can do it; others, not so much.

I went out biking on the lakeshore on Tuesday which I probably shouldn’t have because I was already tired. I have been tired for a few weeks now. I think I have to pace myself better with the training and give myself some quality rest time. It’s hard to rest though because I have this “deadline” that I want to meet so I’m always worried about not being ready. Plus, when I do choose to not workout, a little voice inside says, “Lazy”. Now I know intellectually that is not true, but sometimes it is very hard to rest without thinking “I should be running/swimming/stretching/biking/etc.” The thing is, I’m actually feeling much better and more healthy with two days rest. I have to make this a regular part of training otherwise I think I’ll run myself into the ground.


May 23, 2007

Money please.

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Money, pleaseBeing the mother of 2 kids in grammer school, I am the first to admit that those dang PTA magazine/chocolate/wrapping paper/entertainment book/cookie dough fundraising drives are pretty annoying.  Yeh, yeh… I know it helps the school and the kids and the events for the school and kids, but nonetheless it is annoying.

That said, are we holding our own little fundraiser for this event.  It is a great cause and I’m sure family and friends wouldn’t mind supporting us in a monetary way.  I don’t know…should or shouldn’t we?? 

May 21, 2007

Triathlon Fashion

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Good news … my sister Barracuda is coming to town this weekend. We are going to do Chicago’s “Bike the Drive” together. We are aiming to do the whole 30 miles! While she is in town, we thought we’d start looking for some tri gear. I’ve got no idea where to start.

1. Where do you go for retail triathlon gear? Any place specifically here in Chicago?

2. What are we really going to need? I haven’t figured out the dress code, though I do know that wetsuits are not recommended. So what’s a girl to do? Is tri-specific clothing helpful? Do I have different outfits for each part of the race? If so do I change at my little station for all to see?

Any help that you can offer would be most appreciated. 🙂

tri suit?

May 17, 2007

Swimming Revelations

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I finally found a lap time that works for me – the 5:15 am and 9pm times were just no good, but low-and-behold, there’s the 5-6pm slot – Whoo hoo.  Eh – now I can’t use the “doesn’t fit into my schedule” excuse.

So, with my new found expertise in the swimming arena (by expertise I mean, a lifetime of doggie paddle and 6 times doing laps) here’s what I have learned:

  1. Do not do laps in any lane with wall– I’m not sure of my exact problem with this, but I end up gravitating to the pool wall and the past 2 times I have taken a chunk-o-flesh out of my foot.  Nice thing is that I now have matching band-aids on each foot (very feng-shui)
  2. Swimming kicks my butt– I really thought I was ahead of the game because I have been doing a bunch of cardio classes.  But as a quasi-newbie to lap swimming I am whipped/exhausted doing my 45 minutes worth of swimming.  So, I have a new found respect for my kids who are on the swim team and practice for 2 hours, 3 times a week. Whew!
  3. DO use the paddle board and BFT (Butt Flotation Device) – OK, BFT is not it’s real name, but for all intensive purposes that’s what it does.  Anyway, I found it very helpful to use these items as part of my regimen to work the legs and arms separately.  Very cool.
  4. Do not go near the guy with the Speedo on – 2nd time in the pool and I got in this guy’s lane.  We ended up resting at the same time and he decided to pass gas right next to me.  Those bubbles couldn’t have been anything else, could they?

That’s the extent of my swimming wisdom at this point.  But, I really enjoy it and feel way more comfortable in the water than when I first started.

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