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May 21, 2007

Triathlon Fashion

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Good news … my sister Barracuda is coming to town this weekend. We are going to do Chicago’s “Bike the Drive” together. We are aiming to do the whole 30 miles! While she is in town, we thought we’d start looking for some tri gear. I’ve got no idea where to start.

1. Where do you go for retail triathlon gear? Any place specifically here in Chicago?

2. What are we really going to need? I haven’t figured out the dress code, though I do know that wetsuits are not recommended. So what’s a girl to do? Is tri-specific clothing helpful? Do I have different outfits for each part of the race? If so do I change at my little station for all to see?

Any help that you can offer would be most appreciated. ūüôā

tri suit?


April 17, 2007

What about the gear?

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OK, so the training is well on its way… the motivation is there …now what gear do I absolutely, positively need that I can’t do without for this tri?

And, really, I’m all about the gear… having everything I need at my fingertips in a nice, neat little package.¬† I think part of it comes from being a mother and making sure you have everything and anything your child might need in one compact diaper bag.¬† The other part is that I’m a freak about organization and making¬†sure I have all the gadgets and gizmos that will make this process easier and more enjoyable.

Karl mentioned a few things in one of his posts…what’s up with the gel/lube and slicking yourself up?¬† I can understand the chaffing-thing might be a problem, but I guess I’m wondering how that works, where you should put it, and what’s a good brand to buy.¬†

I’m not looking to be a fashion goddess, but what should we have¬†as far as tri attire?¬† Is there something that will work for all sections of the race?

Help or else I’ll be the shiny, well-Vaselined rookie out there wearing¬†a pair of Converse high tops and my son’s Batman skateboarding helmet.¬†

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