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March 29, 2007

Breast Cancer Stinks

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Did you hear all the stuff last week about Elizabeth Edwards, wife of presidential candidate John Edwards? I have all the admiration in the world for this woman. Thanks, Elizabeth for talking about what you are going through and for showing that you are a person first and foremost, and that your life is not reduceable to cancer. My prayers and good wishes are with you.

I am not at all pleased, however, with the media commentary. Imagine how horrified I was when, laying on my couch watching the news, I heard some news commentator say that women diagnosed with breast cancer have 2-5 years to live and that 1 in 5 women with breast cancer will have a recurrence! There was absolutely no nuancing of these statements. I thought, holy crap, is that really true because if it is, I’m screwed. Then I sobered up and remembered that my doctors never gave me those odds and that prognosis and possibility for recurrence depends on so many things. Still, I found it to be irresponsible newscasting.

I am also not pleased at the moment with my treatment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad for treatment, but it’s really tough when you are trying to lose weight and the medication makes it that much more difficult. I had a hard enough time before treatment and now it’s even harder. But I HAVE to lose weight because being overweight can make one more predisposed to breast cancer. That just stinks. So I’m fighting the overwhelming odds here, trying to lose weight. Then the other thing is that pesky lymphedema. I’ve been exercising more which has made my hand/arm swell up more because the little lymph guys can’t find their way out of my arm. That’s just flippin’ great (written with intense sarcasm). O well. So it goes. All will be well. It may suck, but I’ve got to keep going and trying and hoping.

Elizabeth Edwards: you are one of the lights in my sky of hope. You go, girl.


March 16, 2007

My First (Mini) Brick!

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Ever since I learned that a brick is a training combo of 2 parts of the triathlon, I wanted to do one. I mean it makes sense that at some point in one’s training, one puts together two legs of the race. Today was the day for me. I am leaving for a conference this afternoon, so I took the whole day off. I have most of the morning to myself so I thought, What the heck? After being off for a week with not feeling well, it sure felt fabulous to be back in the pool and in the gym.

So this morning I swam just over 1/2 mile (to account for going off course in the actual tri), then took a 10 minute or so transition (from pool to lockerroom, off with bathing-suit, wrestle with sports bra, on with gym clothes, find iPod, swig water, lock up stuff, upstairs to cardio room and onto bike). I biked 7 miles … still feeling pretty good. I am very wobbly now, but am pleased with myself.

Earlier in the week I signed up for my gym’s “lazyman triathlon” — I think it’s a full ironman triathlon done at your speed over the course of 6 weeks. I’m almost done with the swim part, and have started both of the other events, though my run has been on the elliptical.

I’m bringing my swim suit with me to the conference as allegedly there is a pool at the hotel. I forgot how much I love being in the water. When the pool is not busy, I love to just glide and stretch in the pool or swim low to the bottom. Someday I have to practice with the flip turn but am too self-conscious at the moment. Someday …

March 12, 2007

Grateful for the Sisters

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I took it easy all weekend. Just did some walking on nice sun-shiny days. Today was the first day I worked out — 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, 3 miles. I’m feeling much better but am going carefully because I don’t know what had me down all last week.

Could have been the oncoming female issue. After chemo, arimadex, and now tamoxifen my “cycle” is a bit messed up. I no longer get the warning cramps … it’s just HELLO! I skip a few months and then, well, it’s not pretty. This makes it very challenging to work out, I must say. I’m sure this is more than you wanted to know, but it’s part of the package. After going through breast cancer, one becomes very familiar with talking about one’s body. I’ve never said “breast” so many times in my whole life or discussed my cycle or lack there of with so many men (all but one of my doctors were men). It’s all good. I’m grateful for the women who went through breast cancer that were comfortable enough with themselves to talk to me about it and help me feel free to talk about it. And I’m grateful for my sister Barracuda and my sister-in-law and my good friend Pepper for being there with me, making me laugh and cry and laugh again. That’s a lot of what doing this triathlon means to me, the fact that I’m going to be a 5-year survivor this summer and that I’ve got some incredibly strong women around me. It’s going to be a struggle to train, but I am so glad to have the opportunity to do something I never thought I could do, to do something good for this body that’s been to hell and back.

Well, I’m tired now. I’m going to get the turkey giblits out for my cat and then hit my bed. Hoping to go for a swim in the morning. Love.

March 7, 2007

Still Feeling Not Great

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I’ve taken a few days off from training because I just haven’t been feeling great. My spleen feels back to its normal size, but I’m still tired. I’ve been a bit stressed so I’m sure that doesn’t help.I’m popping Airborne (that fabulous little dissolving pill loaded with healthy things) now and that always perks me up. I was going to hit the pool this morning but I think the better course of actionis to take iteasy..

Today I have 3 company meetings and so I have to have the good clothes on and manage the hair. It’s almost easier not to workout on such days because it’s a challenge to workout and then get into one’s professional attire. I haven’t gotten it down yet. I’m going to rent a locker so I can at least keep the hair stuff etc. in the locker and not tote it around every day.


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