Triathlon Sisters

July 30, 2007

Less Than a Week to Go!

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Well, it’s almost time. Less than a week until the triathlon — the first ever for my sister Barracuda and myself. It’s been a busy month of work and traveling for me. I did good with maintaining the training until last week where my training rituals were impossible to keep. That kind of unnerved me especially since the triathlon is at the end of this week. But so it goes. When I used to practice the art of karate, our sensei used to say “Trust in your training.” — i.e., trust that you’ve been doing the right things and that you are prepared. I’m going to have to rely on that advice.

Barracuda is officially on vacation now — far, far away from a computer and Internet connection. She’s vacationing with her family in a cabin someplace in northern NY. She’ll fly out to Denver on Wednesday where I’ll meet her at our brother’s house (after driving 1000+ miles from Chicago). I’ve been getting together my stuff, planning on the clothes and gear I need. I had the bikes checked out so they are ready to go. I’m hoping that when we get to Denver we’ll be able to check out the course and get a practice swim in someplace.

It’s pretty exciting being in the final week. A bit awesome too. Wow, we are really going to do this thing. A year ago I couldn’t have imagined that this was possible. Yet here we are. It’s going to be great!



  1. It is indeed going to be great!

    Comment by Mary Christine — August 1, 2007 @ 6:54 am |Reply

  2. Hi – Just in case you didn’t get my message earlier – good luck for the weekend.

    Comment by Karl McCracken — August 1, 2007 @ 3:17 pm |Reply

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