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July 18, 2007

Pluggin’ away

Filed under: inspiration — by barracuda @ 4:34 pm

Whew!  Some crazy times lately.. work is crazy and as always, everything has a due date of yesterday.  I was on vacation in Tennesee last week – beautiful!   I really didn’t train to hard, but I did climb the stairs 5 times to go on some waterslide in Dolly Parton’s Splash Country – does that count??

Really, training has almost become a second job…one that I enjoy, but have a hard time fitting into all of the craziness of normal life and responsibilities…kids, husband, work, etc.  Part of me is glad that the tri we’ve been working towards is almost here.  I’m ready to just do it, whether or not the skills are there 100%.  I was thinking to myself that it will be nice just to work out when I want to and not have the pressure of a tri to train for.  But then (about 70% of me) is really looking forward to maybe the next challenge – a 5 or 10K, another triathlon, who knows.

I think the 70% of myself will win out, but right now it’s nice to know that this virgin-triathlon is almost out of the way.



  1. Hey “Hawk,” I was perusing the TriFortheCure site today (I’m racing, too) & saw your question about open water swimming practice on the Discussion Site. I recently did some research on this, so thought I’d help shed some light.

    No, you cannot really practice your open water swimming at Cherry Creek State Park b/c they have a pretty small swim beach area & then they allow boats everywhere else. BUT you said you are staying near Chatfield–perfect! I called Chatfield last weekend & they said they had a swim lane for open water swimming. I believe it is open from 10a – 6p; the number I called was 303-791-7275. The Aurora Reservoir is another great option although it would be a bit of a drive for you. They have a swim line & it’s open from dawn to dusk. I personally haven’t swum at Chatfield, but I did Aurora Res. last Sat & thought it was pretty nice, although sort of out in the middle of the wilderness. Heads up on the Aurora swim lane: it’s measured in yards, not meters. If you just walk down to the left side of the swim beach, you’ll see a sign explaining everything about how the open swim lane works, including yardage.

    Hope this helps! Good luck…if I knew who you were, I’d wave to you next Sunday!!!

    Comment by Kimiko — July 25, 2007 @ 9:39 pm |Reply

  2. Almost there! Keep your chin up and I know you’ll both have a great race next weekend.

    Comment by Karl McCracken — July 29, 2007 @ 3:28 pm |Reply

  3. Thanks for the messages, Karl and Kimiko. The swimming info is very helpful, Kimiko. I’d like to do a full practice so maybe Chatfield is the best thing. We’ll probably also visit Cherry Creek as my sister Barracuda and friend Cbabe haven’t ever been there.

    I’ll be the “slow fat triathlete” in the survivors’ wave. I’m bringing my hawk with me which will be perched at my transition station (there will be a barracuda fish at my sister’s transition station which is in the age group waves 35-40). Though Barracuda and I have our online superhero identities, we will be ourselves at the triathlon!

    Comment by hawk — July 30, 2007 @ 6:05 am |Reply

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