Triathlon Sisters

June 28, 2007

In the lane again…just can’t wait to get in the lane again.

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I was almost going to jap-out on the pool last night because of my niece’s pre-school graduation, but I did end up going for the 9pm-10pm lap swimming slot. 

I’ve been bringing my snorkling fins to work out with.  My husband says it’s good for that front muscle of your leg and will help prevent cramps.  I know they sell shorter fins for distance swimming practice, but ebay sellers and sporting goods stores across the Rochester, NY area already have enough of my money for triathlon gear.  So my bright pink snorkling fins will do just fine.

Anyway, I swam for about 35 minutes.  I ended up in a lane with this little old German lady that does the backstroke pretty well, but she does the entire thing under water.   I don’t know why that just cracks me up, but I get a little giggle everytime I see her.

I think I must have whacked her with my fin or something because as I was coming back from a lap, I noticed she moved to a lane with another swimmer in it.  Ooops sorry.  I tried to be extra-non-kicky when I passed her, but she took up a lot of the lane (which is fine) and it was hard squeezing by.  Plus my bright pink fins are really long. 

Eh – I was going to try and apologize just in case I did, but I could never catch her during a rest. 

So, sorry underwater backstroke little German lady. 


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  1. It’s so nice to have those folks around us who, just by being who they are, encourage us even if it’s just a giggle that comes out of us! A few people at my pool do the fin thing. I’m still a pretty nervous swimmer so I don’t feel comfortable “experimenting” with fins and the such. I’m hoping to get my neoprene vest soon so I can get outside and swim. I was going to go to Lake Michigan tomorrow but it is supposed to be pretty cold out. Without a wetsuit (and the beautiful man who helped me put it on and take it off), I’m not going to try it just yet.

    Comment by hawk — June 29, 2007 @ 12:03 pm |Reply

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